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2013-08-21 12:13 pm


I almost have a full time job.

I moved recently from working on the sales floor at Best Buy to working Asset Protection. You know, the guy who watches the cameras and validates receipts and makes apprehensions. I also take care of any equipment that store uses that can be considered a safety hazard, like the ladders, the lifting machine (affectionately called "Big Joe" by my co-workers), and various other things.

Well, the guy who wanted me to take that spot, the Asset Protection Lead, he just wanted me there so that I could take HIS spot as Lead. He recently moved to another section in the store because he'd been working AP for 10 years and thought it was time for something else. I am now the only officially licensed person in the store, which means I'm going to be basically grandfathered into a full time job as the head of all security in the store.

This is exciting. And weird. I spent the majority of my childhood stealing things from stores like this, only to clean up my act and become the one who prevents such theft. I suppose it makes sense, as my fiancee points out. I know theft, and I know it well. Which is why I'm able to pick out the ones who are doing it.

It's also a bit of a hamper, though. Because I got so good at theft, I have a hard time picking out the absolute amateurs from just mopey people coming through the door. They are incredibly similar.

Also, I downloaded a music editing software and have discovered that it is actually quite fun. I probably have no talent for it, but my attempted remix of Bad Company was kinda awesome. I just hate being that person who takes 80's songs and destroys them for personal pleasure, so I probably won't do it again.

And lastly, the student loans guys finally hunted me down. In three days, they will take $2,551 from my account, money I put in stocks a long time ago for a different purpose. Almost all of it, gone away to a pointless education. On the other hand, it relieves me to finally be paying it back. Apparently I was feeling guilty about it all? Which is weird 'cause I don't think I've ever felt guilty before. It's a weird feeling.