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First off, I should announce my own sexuality. I am male who is not gay, bisexual, transgender, genderfluid or genderqueer. I am attracted to females when it comes to sexual practice. My attraction to females is a rather narrow passage, though, which makes me believe I'm rather close to the cusp of asexuality.

On the other hand, as relationships go, I am emotionally attracted to all. I can be in a very close relationship with a male or female equally, and not feel any qualms about it. It won't be romantic, of course, but I can and will freely admit love for a close male or female friend. There's a difference there that I don't think too many people get, or it's just that (straight)guys are afraid to admit any kind of love for a male, platonic or no.

Now, on to the show.

I had started writing this a few days ago, but then the whole Chik-fil-a thing exploded.

I don't hide my contempt for my family very well, as nearly everyone will tell you. I disagree with them on many fronts, and often post my opinions on Facebook, where they can peruse and comment. Although I don't purposely bait them, since I have many friends who agree with my opinions, it sometimes seems as if I am. And despite all these Facebook posts, I think it only recently clicked in my mother's mind that I am in support of gay marriage. So we had a discussion.

Now, I won't post the discussion, because my mother's arguments bordered on infantile, more vomiting up the arguments force-fed her in church than actually thinking for herself. In fact, she blatantly told me that Satan comes when humanity tries to think for itself. It was also a very long argument, mostly due to me writing very long responses.

I realized during the argument, though, that I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about every side of the anti-gay marriage arguments and such, so I'm going to use Dreamwidth to define my views for later usage.

When it comes to the gays, bisexuals, and transgender I know, they are all delightful people. I was good friends with a gay couple and RPed with them on a few occasions, and one of them gave me tips for playing WoW while leading me to some higher level areas for grinding (back when I played it).

Now, when I look out in the world and see gays on parade in underwear grinding against each other on a massive float, I see something different. Mostly, I'm uninterested, but I also wish they could tone it down a bit for now. I mean, we're trying to win you some rights, and you can be proud, you just don't have to go dripping with libido down Maine Street. I don't want to see anyone doing that. The world is having a hard enough time accepting you, you don't need to make people think you are sex-crazed lunatics.

I am for gay marriage. Or rather, marriage, since that's what it is. I think the institution of marriage being backed up spiritually by the government is idiocy, and the two should be separate notions. I'd rather not have my marriage sanctified by God, despite the fact that I follow the teachings of Christ. Either way, I'm for the marriage of all, if they want it.

I guess I could end up just saying I'm not for special rights of gays. I don't want the LGBT+ to have special rights above other groups because of the years Christians and others persecuted them. I am also not for them to have any less rights than heterosexuals. I am not pro-LGBT. I am not pro-Christian. I am pro-equal rights for everyone so that we can stop complaining about this and move on to what's next.

Of course, I'm going to take the side of the LGBT because they are the ones being wronged right now. I was once scared of announcing such a thing, since I used to live in Texas, and violence against gays happened to be rather common there. But I would subtly suggest ways to reduce homophobia, and with my suggestion, Jacksonville High School is one of the few schools in East Texas that ever performed the play "The Laramie Project". We were boycotted by a lot of people, but we also had the second-biggest turnout in that high school's history.

So in short, I am for rights, whether for gays or straights, humans or animals. I'd like homophobia to leave just as much as I'd like to see racism gone. I also know that it's not going to happen.

Which isn't such a bad thing. The best people rise from a hairy situation. I mean, MLK Jr. would have just been a pretty good preacher if racism and segregation didn't exist.

I'd even go so far as to suggest that the terrible, evil things that humans do are necessary for the birth of incredible, inspiring individuals. That without strife, there would be no harmony. That's just speculation, though, and in the end it could all be bull. I like to see it that way, nonetheless. That man's dark and torturous side is just as required as the side which offers goodness and mercy. That bigoted Christians are required for the reasonable ones to stand up for what they believe in. Hell, it worked on me. Every time I look in the general direction of where Westboro Baptist church might be from here in Harrisburg, I cringe.


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