Jul. 28th, 2012

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I am Blue/Green

It's always fun to take these tests and discover that all of them point to INTP or similar. I think of late, I've grown to be more adaptable, probably just channeling the raccoon and realizing the best way to get what you want is to act like you give a damn for people.

Turns out, I can really turn up the charisma when I want something. I got a 6 dollar tip while working because of this situation:
"Uhhh... I'd like your peanut buster parfait..."
I really, really hate when people say they want an item from a store as if I personally created the franchise. As if I have some form of loyalty to my workplace. When they say they want my certain item. But instead of getting frustrated, I turned all of it into charisma, and came up with a good reply.
"My peanut buster parfait? Well, you can't have mine, cuz I want it, but I can make you a new one, and that one will be yours."
Suddenly, before I know it, I have the rest of her change. Not that it was much, considering I work at a fast food joint for now, but the principle of the thing is that I, as an INTP, managed to use friendly conversation in order to get something.

Maybe it's just a part of the INTP nature, since we can be a bit manipulative, but I still find it hilarious that the social outcast guy is making tip when no one else at the store can.

The manipulation, before I realized I was doing it, was kind of a curse at first. People gravitated towards me. Maybe not me directly, but it was like groups of friends would include me into the outer edge of the circle, and suddenly I was the only middle person for a really big and complicated Venn diagram. I sit down at the beginning of the year at a lunch table back in high school utterly alone, and by the end of the year, the table is full they are pulling extra tables over to connect them. It got annoying, really. Some people aren't so bad. They like to discuss things of importance or interest. But other guys would go on about Pokemon for the whole half hour, or talk about anime, or their new phone, all of which I couldn't care less about.

Anyway, the point is, now it's different. I mean, I know what I'm doing a little better. I'm still a little clueless in conversations that involve social cues, but doing better. Like how I recently learned that I probably have flirted with a ton of people by accident. When I'm in an awkward situation, I joke. It's my natural instinct. And since I find every situation involving strangers to be awkward, all I do is joke. Recent conversation has led me to realize that when a guy first meets a girl he likes, he jokes with her and tries to get her to laugh, like it means she accepts him. Lo and behold, I've been doing that my entire life without realizing.

My sexual impotency is for a different essay, methinks, but it might have more to do with that. As an example, when a female would walk by in the lunchroom in high school/college, every guy at the table would check out her boobs. Cause... I guess that's normal.

Meanwhile, I would try and see what was on her plate, and if it was worth asking if she wanted the rest.

My inability to converse well and my inability to understand sexual cues might stem from the same problem. And true, it could easily be explained by therianthropy, but that seems to much of an Occam's razor answer to me. I mean, what would a raccoon do in the exact same situation? Be interested in fat deposits on a female's chest, or be interested in the fatty tissue of her hardly-touched pastrami sandwich? Well, maybe neither, if it was utterly realistic. Utterly realistic, he'd be interested in escaping the outrageously noisy room full of obnoxious people.

I like to find the complicated answer to things, I guess. I like things to be complicated. I like video game manuals thicker than a Goosebumps' book. I like heavily detailed worlds with political, social, and physiological structure of leading sapient races, and a full catalog of hoe the environment interlaces. I like a deep backstory to a character. The bigger the polynomial the better. You get the picture.

Ah, well. Maybe by the time I die, I'll have learned how to navigate a conversation with ease, but I feel like there are better things to do. Like work on my idea for a 2D platformer involving a time-traveling raccoon.


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